Finally! I have opened my online Etsy Shop.

For now, there are one-of-a-kind painted pouches and painted letters for sale.

I will be adding totes, pillows and more as I get them made.

Enjoy browsing by clicking on the link to the right!



Art for Appetizers – Paint/Collage on a leaf!

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”  – Thoreau


Art for Appetizers – Note to myself

It must seem as if I have fallen off the planet… or at least the blog world. I think a daily blog post at this time is too challenging for me.

But, I have been traveling and working on some bigger projects. Two more painted pouches have lining and zippers and are ready to be photographed and uploaded to Etsy.

Plus, a new tote has been started. I am still refining that process and am doing my first tote on UN-gessoed canvas!


Note to myself… Keep inventing, taking risks, experimenting, breaking rules and having fun…

Courage is all it takes!

Work in Progress – Journal and Painted Pouches

Wow! Time is flying. It’s so hard to believe January is  half over already and

I haven’t done a blog post for a week!!!! This is all I have to show for it.

It’s been cold. Maybe that’s slowing me down, or maybe someone turned the clock ahead?


From my journal – My 2014 Vision Board

I hope to make 2014 my most amazing year yet!

This year I will find my artistic style, travel, expand my focus and abundance

while living in harmony with total gratitude for my life.


2014 begins with Intention

One word – Harmony

I attended a women’s wellness retreat “Intention: From the Inside Out”

on Saturday that was very nurturing and heartfelt.

Our intention was to say goodbye to 2013 by literally burning what we wanted to let go of and

to embrace the new year with joy and to find our one word mantra for the new year.

I started with 4 words…     Create  Calm   Happy   Abundance

but not one was stronger than the other until I realized

that I needed to bring them all together and

HARMONY would do that for me.


From my journal – Ending 2013

I love the holidays… all the twinkling lights, how happy most people are,

making connections with family and friends.

But it sure can throw me off balance with my creative thoughts, my focus, my goals…

even my blog!!!!