From my Little Book of Dreams – Gratitude

I am taking an e-course with Madelyn Mulvaney. I love reading her blog and have always wanted to support her artistic endeavors… what better way than working on a Little Book of Dreams with her? The first week we focused on things we are grateful for. I worked on a spread a day. These are just a few of those things I really appreciate in life. (I kept the more personal things to myself.) What do you have gratitude for today?

Enjoy, while I go sketching for the next few days!

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From my journal – A new month

Open up to the roof.

Make a new watermark on your excitement.

– Hafiz


At the beginning of every month, I do a calendar page in my journal where I set intentions that are in harmony with what I would like to accomplish. Sometimes I log events in the calendar as time goes marching on. This February I would like to feel the memory of trees and soak in the sunshine while watching the clouds float by.

What are you up to this next month?