Art for Appetizers – Distractions for fun

I don’t usually (hardly ever!) do “cute” things, but the idea of Pocket Pals came to me and with spring and Easter here, the Lucky Bunnies appeared from my paintbrush! I put them in little paper pockets with some “grass” and sent them out into the world to bring a little luck and fun to all who receive one. Maybe one is on its way to you?

What are your distractions? Are they fun and cute or scary and ugly?

How do you deal with your distractions?



From my journal – On solitude, I wish it were this easy…

but I do like the idea of a folded-up forest I carry with me everywhere

and unfurl around me when I have the need.


From my journal – Open the door

Your work is to discover your world and then

With all your heart give yourself to it.   – The Buddha

I am working behind the scenes to discover my new world.

Doors may have something to do with it.

Have you discovered your world?


(P.S. You can click on these images to enlarge. They look better larger.)

From my journal – radiant red wishes for my creative soul

a visual response to “the passion” prompts I received from M.M. today… “What is the source of our first suffering? It lies in the fact that we hesitate to speak. It was born in the moment we accumulated silent things within us.”  – Gaston Bachelard

What silent things rest inside your soul?


PS Did you know you can click on any of my images here to see them larger?

From my journal – portals

Doorways to another realm… I have always been drawn to them and the mystery of what waits on the other side… another atmosphere charged with magic, memories that flood the mind and awaken long forgotten thoughts. To know I must have courage to go to the other side, to leave one place for another…