A Painting – Backyard Orchids

They are blooming away! They must love this weather as it’s getting warmer and more humid.

Orchids have strange ragged leaves and tangled roots that reach out everywhere

in a tumbled knotted craziness as they try to cling to anything nearby…

but the blooms… the blooms are breathtaking.


My spider orchid, Acrylic Collage on Canvas, 8″x10″


Art for appetizers – In the field

I haven’t quite gotten down the knack of breaking out my art supplies on the road…

but look closely… see my ATC of the little Carolina Wren that’s been around and the “ear” seed pod from the Ear Tree!

Plus… just one of the books I am reading right now. So nice to have time to read. I love it!


A Painting – Pink Petals and a Letter

Pink seems to be the color of the month!

The subject of my last handwritten painted letter was pink and it’s abundance here in Florida.

And tomorrow I am off to a wedding with a seashell and pink theme.

April showers have already brought May’s (pink) flowers.


Pink Petals and a Letter, Acrylic collage, 8″x10″

A Painting – The Lotus Letter

So a new direction has emerged here…

along with the larger doorway painting I am working on right now.

I feel like this is the beginning of some new thoughts for the painted pouches and totes, too.

My muse is by my side!


The Lotus Letter, Acrylic collage with pencil, 8″x10″



A Painting – Reading Between the Lines

My mind spins with creative ideas as I try to find the common threads in my body of art work and weave them together in a new direction that fires my passion to paint. It is beginning.