Art for Appetizers – ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

These are just fun to do, little bits of art that I send to friends via snailmail!

I get to use up paint from my palette, bits of paper from collages, postage stamps, rubber stamps and even pressed leaves or flowers. Little Tapas to whet my appetite for the larger work. Why not have some fun today and do your own ATCs.  They measure abut 2.5″x3.5″ and there are no rules other than to have fun and give them away.

Why not say hello to a friend today with an ATC?




Take a break – A Nature Break!

I got outside on a beautiful, sunny and breezy day to walk around a botanical garden.

Chanced upon a wonderful photo exhibit and this restful Buddha among the plants.

It’s May and my meditation month and I am happy to say that I have meditated every day

and am feeling almost as relaxed as this Buddha!



Art for Appetizers –  Sketching Away

Being outside with Nature is so Nourishing! Just sitting still, noticing little things – and big things – brings an inner stillness and contentment like nothing else. I recently discovered the EAR tree! Black ear pods were all over the ground, little fuzzy flowers made a soft carpet over the campsite and the towering tree made a shady canopy.


From my journal – Meditation May

As every new month starts, I set an intention for it in my journal,

sometimes with a list of to-do’s or wishes.

This is a special month where I hope to do a sketch a day as a means to

meditate on the exquisite beauty of nature…

to maintain an inner calmness, to feel relaxed, content,

but also courageous and connected to my core.