A quote for the day…

Life is like riding a bicycle.

To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Albert Einstein


Pillows & Pouches – Come out and play!

Some days I just never know what I’ll do next. I’ve been frozen in time with my latest door painting, but it got a little attention yesterday and seems to be going in a better direction. Reading Can we see you? on Nicolas Wilton’s blog really helped. And then two paintings on canvas, that I thought were headed towards being a tote, magically became a pillow. For the moment, it sits on my sofa and makes me smile from across the room…

There is always the behind-the-scenes doodling, sketching, journaling, and making watercolors on the fly with the help of my pochade box. Plus, I’ve been quietly berating myself (not a good thing) for being online too much… looking at Tumblrs and Pinterest sites of beautiful artwork and places to travel. But then and there, I bump into Nicolas Wilton again and read the perfect words for me in that moment… serendipity after struggle! I think I’ll go curl up with some pillows and my latest book – Flight Behavior.



Here’s the front and back of my Painted Pillow – Come out and play!


And a pouch – I need to make more of these and reopen my Etsy Shop!!

The Pochade Watercolor Box goes to work…

Finally got outside with the flowers to try out my new setup. The flower was full of mini ants and the water holder was too small, but all went well. I found a collapsable water container that’s great for travel. And I just painted the flower from memory. I hope this box holds the magic of painting outside for me, loosens up my painting, and keeps me connected to the muse!

What works for your magical artist side these days?



What to do on a dark and rainy day? 

It was too dreary to paint inside or outside, so I made myself a Pochade Watercolor Box so I could carry supplies with me and paint plein air or even in the car! I just used one of my old cigar boxes, collaged and stamped the lid, added a palette, brushes and a water bottle inside. Now when the sun comes out I am ready to go!



Art for Appetizers – In the field!

While glamping around at the beach, I took some time out to set up art supplies on the picnic bench and do some botanical printing. Using found flowers and leaves from the morning walk… I coated them with acrylics and pressed them onto envelopes, paper and ATCs.

It was fun watching the accidents happen, exploring different paper surfaces, finding out what kinds of plants worked better than others. The picnic bench made a great outdoor studio until the afternoon thunderstorms let go in surprise downpours. Then it was a mad dash to gather everything up and escape into dryness.



The Map Maker’s Door – 20″ x 20″ Mixed Media Painting

Ahhh, the intrigue and mystery of maps, old maps, new maps, colorful maps, land, sea and sky!

They pull you in and you start to imagine going to new (and old) foreign places!

Maps are fun to make. Why not draw/paint/collage your own map today?

It could be of a place you know (home, city, garden) or a place you  dream about…