From my journal – I put my faith in the sunrise

I have been meditating daily with an Oprah & Deepak Chopra tape. Oprah talked about her Sunrise Faith in one session and it really hit me as meaningful, so I had to get it into one of my journals… and I splurged! and got a BIGGER (8″x11″)  journal in the hopes of being wilder, more experimental and more painterly! Just another way I am trying to stay connected to the paint and my process…. so far so good! My other journals are 5″x8″ or 7″x7″ or even smaller so I can always have one with me. I am a journalholic!  I have Julia Cameron and The Artist’s Way to thank for that. Morning pages (3 a day) got me into the habit of writing… and with that my writing improved as well as my life. I listened to myself… actually listened… after reading the same things over and over about what I wanted to do. I finally did them! I paint. I write. I kayak. I meditate. I do yoga. I get outside. I notice the little things. I put my faith in the sunrise.

Sending sunshine your way… Have a great day!


On Painting – The Writer’s Door is finally finished!

This painting turned out to be quite a journey for me. I had so many thoughts swirling about while I was doing it. The layers happened sporadically and uneasily. A tree appeared and then disappeared. A round window turned into a sphere or bubble of thoughts that lead to more spheres of thought. Then it rested while I stared at it somewhat perplexed until some miniature book pages appeared off to the sides as if the writer knew the beginning and maybe even the end of the story, but had to bring it together by writing, writing, writing. Like I was painting, painting, painting! Now I can rest and think about the next doorway I will enter…

WritersDoorBigThe Writer’s Door, 20″ x 20″ Acrylic/Collage


Where have I been?

Well… Mr. French and I have been working on my website as I am trying to make a stronger online presence!


It takes a lot of time to design, photograph and program a site. We are 90% there. We just need to populate the Bags & Boxes section and I need to get some items up on my Etsy Shop (also very labor intensive!). I finally got to a point where I thought I had enough new work that the website would be current. After we get the last few little things done for the website, my goal will be to work harder, put more time into painting and see where it goes. I joined the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL. Hopefully I will meet some other artists and maybe be accepted to their Member Shows. Once the work starts to accumulate into a body of work, it’s time to put it out into the world!

Go visit and let me know what you think!




From my Journal – Jumping into July!





Wabi Sabi – finding beauty in imperfection, revering authenticity, celebrating cracks and crevices, valuing the passing of time, looking for my secret garden, painting with my heart and not with my brain… some things I am trying to keep in mind as I move into the month of fireworks, sunshine and thunderstorms. Playing with watercolors and acrylics in my journal keeps me connected to my medium while working out thoughts and ideas for paintings… plus I can release some of the darkness.

I’ve been reading more… all different kinds of books. But some linger behind after the last page is done… The Elephant Whisperer about Africa, Thula Thula and the slaughtering of beautiful animals for their valuable tusks of ivory… Flight Behavior about the demise of the migrating Monarch butterflies… The Untethered Soul about living in this very moment… Art and Soul, Wabi Sabi and Lunch with Buddha.

I am still painting, and think that the Writer’s Door may be done, but I have to sit with it awhile to know for sure. Meanwhile new ideas bubble up, I sift them through my heart strings and search for the Wabi Sabi in my secret garden. How is your summer starting off?