From my Journal – Jumping into July!





Wabi Sabi – finding beauty in imperfection, revering authenticity, celebrating cracks and crevices, valuing the passing of time, looking for my secret garden, painting with my heart and not with my brain… some things I am trying to keep in mind as I move into the month of fireworks, sunshine and thunderstorms. Playing with watercolors and acrylics in my journal keeps me connected to my medium while working out thoughts and ideas for paintings… plus I can release some of the darkness.

I’ve been reading more… all different kinds of books. But some linger behind after the last page is done… The Elephant Whisperer about Africa, Thula Thula and the slaughtering of beautiful animals for their valuable tusks of ivory… Flight Behavior about the demise of the migrating Monarch butterflies… The Untethered Soul about living in this very moment… Art and Soul, Wabi Sabi and Lunch with Buddha.

I am still painting, and think that the Writer’s Door may be done, but I have to sit with it awhile to know for sure. Meanwhile new ideas bubble up, I sift them through my heart strings and search for the Wabi Sabi in my secret garden. How is your summer starting off?


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