From my journal – I put my faith in the sunrise

I have been meditating daily with an Oprah & Deepak Chopra tape. Oprah talked about her Sunrise Faith in one session and it really hit me as meaningful, so I had to get it into one of my journals… and I splurged! and got a BIGGER (8″x11″)  journal in the hopes of being wilder, more experimental and more painterly! Just another way I am trying to stay connected to the paint and my process…. so far so good! My other journals are 5″x8″ or 7″x7″ or even smaller so I can always have one with me. I am a journalholic!  I have Julia Cameron and The Artist’s Way to thank for that. Morning pages (3 a day) got me into the habit of writing… and with that my writing improved as well as my life. I listened to myself… actually listened… after reading the same things over and over about what I wanted to do. I finally did them! I paint. I write. I kayak. I meditate. I do yoga. I get outside. I notice the little things. I put my faith in the sunrise.

Sending sunshine your way… Have a great day!


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