My Art Studio – In the living room

This is one of the smallest art studios I have ever worked in, but it really is the nicest and the most convenient. It’s in my home, so it’s close to tea and food of all kinds. There’s a comfy sofa and chair opposite the big table for just hanging out when I don’t know what else to do. There’s also a bookshelf on the other side of the room with labeled shoeboxes that contain all my other (not the acrylics or the watercolors) art supplies. The only thing missing is the company of other artists (I used to have a space in an old mill building in Massachusetts with 20 or so other artists. I also miss the Open Studios event we used to have. Mostly I have been a hermit in my studio, but I am starting to get out a little… teaching some creative journaling and drawing workshops which are fun. I am also joining some art organizations and even entered an encaustic wax painting in a Group Show “All Things Florida” in the Hall Gallery in Sarasota. Wonder of wonder I won first prize and a little cash for “Skywriting in the Everglades.”



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