From my journal – Play Book pages

The note to myself in the front of this book comes from Joe Garcia, author of The WaterColor Bible..

“Take your sketchbook seriously; it will help you in every aspect of your art. Keep and date your sketches and watch your improvement. Your sketches can be the foundation of future pairings and will add freshness to your studio work.”

Well, I have been thinking about this a lot because I am rather stalled in my studio work… that’s my larger pieces… the works on canvas, but I have really been enjoying the freedom and spontaneity I achieve in my play book and my journal. Also reading the blog posts on patenting process from Nicolas Wilton have been spurring me to let loose, paint over, don’t overthink. And that’s exactly what I have been doing! Over thinking? Yikes!  Are you over thinking, or do you feel free and easy with your work. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one that struggles with this…. when it should be fun – and not a struggle.



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