Things I love – A letter in the mail with colorful stamps!

There’s nothing like getting a surprise handwritten letter in the mail from far away. It’s a special moment in time when someone you know (and love) has shared their thoughts, a part of their life and their ideas with you. Email works, but it’s not handwritten… pen to paper… tactile and interactive as you pull your little present of precious words and pictures from its traveling envelope. I just finished this 16″ x 16″ painting that has collaged bits of letters I have received and some postage stamps that I cancelled myself… with my own handwriting included in the background. I am thinking of writing a letter and putting it in an envelope attached to the back of the painting.  There’s a group art show coming up at the Hall Gallery in Sarasota, “Things you love” and I may enter this painting. Next, I am off to paint another Magical Mandala and write some letters. My wish for you is some unexpected love in your mailbox today!



At Home – Feeling Nurtured

I haven’t done much of my own painting this week as I have had meetings plus some outside projects that have taken time. Fun time… and I am working on getting all the completed Mandalas framed. So much goes on behind the scenes. I feel lucky and blessed to have a nurturing home and art studio. Today I share that with you in this little montage of still lifes I took with my iPhone.

From my Journal – The last week

I am back to using a square journal for the new year and I am loving it! For some reason the actual book itself can’t be too precious or the paper too good… and there has to be a lot of pages so I feel free to paint and write and collage to my heart’s content. It is my sanctuary, and the entrance door is inside me. Where do you find your sanctuary?


Journal 12.25.2014