hOMe to earth and sky – Nature’s Mandala

I’ve been working away on my 8″ x 10″ series of mandala paintings with a big canvas (36″ x 48″) resting on my easel. This week it finally found its voice. I am not totally sure it is finished, but it hangs on the wall now. I will stare at it and the answer will come. It’s going to get busy around here for a couple of weeks with visitors escaping the snowy north lands… my journal pages continue and now I am doing a “Sketchbook Diet” inspired by Liz Steele and drawing every meal before I enjoy it. It’s quite fun and really makes me aware of what’s really going into my body. I will share some of those pages soon. The weekend is coming! Enjoy it. I see Art Festivals and Museum visits in my near future… and of course more mandalas.



From my mailbox – Bella Grace



Another beautiful magazine emerges from my mailbox – a present from my sister. Reading things like this keeps me grounded and mindful of the things I really care about.

I love the idea of MAGIC and common enchantment. Magic mandala paintings continue at a slow pace. There are so many distractions this month – all good – but I am feeling challenged to keep my focus. So much to do, so little time!!! How are you handling life’s little distractions? I would love to hear from you.

From my journal – I see a painting in my future!


I finally mailed my Sketchbook Project, a Pen Pal painting off to Brooklyn where it will go on to find a painting pen pal for me. The 4″ x 4″ canvas arrived in the small bag above with two notes, one to send along with my painting to my future pen pal and one with instructions. It was quite simple to do and fun, fun, fun! I made it like a postcard with a cancelled postage stamp and one word message. that’s a copy of the painting on the right journal page… I’ll let you know what comes back to me in the mail. If anyone out there wants to do something like this with me, a painting/art exchange, let me know! I LOVE to get letters and little surprise packages in the mail.

From my mailbox – All is not lost!


Most days there is just junk mail or bills in the mailbox. I still write letters to family and friends… and receive wonderful letters and cards back. However I have been discouraged because lately some of my letters have not been arriving at their destination. They are MIA in the system somewhere and no one can explain where or how this happens! Yet, a square postcard arrived today from Indonesia and yesterday my latest issue of Uppercase magazine arrived. It is a designer’s dream. This issue has a piece of fabric (small pink&blue square) glued to the cover and the inside is chock full of inspiration with beautiful photos and articles on all types of creative people. Last month’s issue was all about typography and calligraphy with a silver, black and white cover… I am so glad I treated myself to a year of this beauty after letting some regular, not-so-beautiful magazine subscriptions expire so I could invest in Uppercase. One of the best presents to myself ever! Give yourself an inspiring present today!

From my journal – Playing with color


I worked in my journal and my larger Playbook at the same time. Color was everywhere! It was joyous! These are pages in progress and are my attempt at the Document Your Life prompt – a quote from Georgia O’Keeffe –  “I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way.” Does color speak to you? Does it inspire you? Does it wake you up?

From my journal – It’s February!


My opening to the heART month! I am working with journal prompts from Document Your Life and this used my “under Paper”… that is the paper that keeps my table top clean and gets all messy as I am working on different pieces. The right side is my under Paper with more paint stamps and sewing with a red thread. I have been thinking about how a thread runs through all of us, connecting us in the vast universe, reminding us of our similarities and how we all just really want the same things… happiness, love, contentment and ease in living a full life. Here’s to he heART month. May you feel immensely loved!