From my journal – Wild * Magical * Creative

When I am not working on my daily journal or my Mandala painting series, I am doing some fun creative projects from SPECTRUM 2015 with Hali Karla and friends. I went wild with this one… Aladdin’s Magical Journal made from a large sheet of brown wrapping paper. BUT I am trying to manifest my wilder side, so my new brown paper journal is My Wild Creative Magical Woman Book. As thoughts come to me I am writing them on the blank pages… it’s like finding my gypsy side! Nice way to spend a Memorial Day Weekend. What FUN are you up to? SPECTRUMjournalpainting1Untitled-2


Painting Mandalas on the Wild Side


I am trying some new things, trying to break out of the mold a little…. larger at 24″x24″ It looks like I am getting cosmic though, doesn’t it? This is a before (days and days ago) and the bottom one is where I am at. I don’t know where this is coming from, but here it is. I just can’t decide if it’s finished. What do you think?

From my journal – Is it really May 15?

Journal05.02.2015Journal05.01.2015 Journal05.04.2015

Above are some of my journal entries from earlier in the month. It has been a magical month of new connections and heartfelt wonder for me. I am part of an online Holistic Creative Group (SPECTRUM 2015 with Hali Karla and friends) that is keeping me and my art grounded. I have a new larger journal going just for this workshop! I have connected to sacred labyrinths and made creative covenants tags with lots more in store there.  I’ve discovered a new yoga studio that’s outside on a beautiful platform in lush greenery (Raven’s Nest in Palmetto)… I feel like I am at one of those amazing yoga spas in Costa Rica! But I still do yoga with friends overlooking Tampa Bay with the big sky, big water and the frolicking dolphins. Plus, I have connected with some new letter-writing friends across the country thanks to April and my letter-a-day efforts. Although I attribute yoga to keeping me young, I have been trying to indulge in a wilder, younger side of myself just for the fun of it… I got a new seagull kite and a small, fun sit-on-top kayak is on the way. Gulf of Mexico, here I come!

Have you thought about your wild side? Your child of wonder side? Are you doing something to keep them alive? I hope May is Magical and fun, fun, fun for you, too!

From my journal – Painting at the beach

I love watercolors. They are like cats and have a mind of their own. Sometimes they do exactly what you expect and other times, oh well. I got a new journal just for abstract watercolors, for play and unpredictibility. Sorry for the lack of posts! I was out of town in beautiful St. Augustine, FL for a week and then came home to design work that’s kept me at my computer for too many hours. When at the computer for work, that last thing I want to do is more computer work, even if it is my beloved online art journal. I have been getting some work done on my Mandala series and I did some journal entries I will post when I have recuperated from computer overload. I hope you have a beautiful, bright, soulful, sunshiny weekend. Get outside and breathe in earth’s elixir!