From my journal – Is it really May 15?

Journal05.02.2015Journal05.01.2015 Journal05.04.2015

Above are some of my journal entries from earlier in the month. It has been a magical month of new connections and heartfelt wonder for me. I am part of an online Holistic Creative Group (SPECTRUM 2015 with Hali Karla and friends) that is keeping me and my art grounded. I have a new larger journal going just for this workshop! I have connected to sacred labyrinths and made creative covenants tags with lots more in store there.  I’ve discovered a new yoga studio that’s outside on a beautiful platform in lush greenery (Raven’s Nest in Palmetto)… I feel like I am at one of those amazing yoga spas in Costa Rica! But I still do yoga with friends overlooking Tampa Bay with the big sky, big water and the frolicking dolphins. Plus, I have connected with some new letter-writing friends across the country thanks to April and my letter-a-day efforts. Although I attribute yoga to keeping me young, I have been trying to indulge in a wilder, younger side of myself just for the fun of it… I got a new seagull kite and a small, fun sit-on-top kayak is on the way. Gulf of Mexico, here I come!

Have you thought about your wild side? Your child of wonder side? Are you doing something to keep them alive? I hope May is Magical and fun, fun, fun for you, too!


2 thoughts on “From my journal – Is it really May 15?

  1. Your art journal always makes me happy. It’s so beautiful, but it also makes me a little sad because it is so exquisitely beautiful. It makes me feel inadequate. I am so happy that you are seeking your wilder side. You have inspired me. I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

  2. Geez!!!

    Your art is so amazing. It makes my heart ache.

    I looked at Spectrum 2015, it looks very exciting but I don’t know if I really understand what it is… What is it? Is it just for artist?

    My friends go to Raven’s Nest and talk about it all the time. I have to go.

    I’m sorry I haven’t gotten back to you about the journal. I’ve been trying to go through it but the truth is work has been so stressful that when I come home I don’t want to do anything but sit in a corner and eat. My way of dealing with stress.

    I will finish going through it this weekend. I’m so proud of it. Of course it’s nothing next to your amazing journal. I look forward to talking to you soon and hearing about your wild adventures.

    Take care


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