Art for Appetizers – Watercolor-a-Day


Can you tell the sun came out? I finally got into some real color and just having some fun letting the watercolors flow and mingle with each other. I hope something colorful finds its way to you today! Colorful Energy!


Art for Appetizers – Watercolor-a-Day!

Actually, I am showing you 2 watercolors! I have been really enjoying this challenge I set myself to… as long as I remember not to judge the outcome! It is a creative “practice” after all. It has successfully gotten me into my studio every day this month. Only a week and a half to go. What challenges do you create for yourself?


From my journal – On writing

My Spectrum 2015 online holistic, creative workshop has really been keeping me busy along with a watercolor a day in July. I’ve been collecting words instead of shells and feathers and writing some poetry. Plus, I taught a Mandala Drawing Workshop! I guess this blog has been paying the price in lack of attention. What keeps you busy these days?


From my journal – New little books

I’ve been having fun making little journal books from brown paper. One of these is my “Creative Practice” log book, made so I can keep track of how much time I really spend in the art studio and what I am working on. I put a small entry for every day. The other little book is for small gratitudes.