Painting through distractions…

Wow, the time is flying faster than ever. We’re in the middle of the holidays with lots to do on top of L I F E as it usually is. My Creative+Practice Workshop with Lisa Sonora is keeping my artistic mind on track, but I am finding it challenging to get some actual painting done. My idea list continues to grow, but my studio time is nil. I have done a few more small Mandala paintings… and I am working in a very tiny little book with a very quick watercolor-a-day. I am also thinking about my O N E   W O R D for 2016. Last year it was NURTURE. I did one of these small Mandala paintings that I see every day and it reminded me to NURTURE myself, my friendships, my love, my art and much more. Now I just need to incorporate Paint-Every-Day into the mix! Argh! Hope everyone is relaxing when they can and enjoying the holiday season while it’s still here!

Maybe one of these words will work for next year…



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