Small Paintings in progress…


I am still working on these. It takes what seems like forever sometimes, but I am trying to take more risks, stepping out from my previous approach to this series of 8″x10″ paintings. I am also doing journaling around my Creative+Practice and learning even more journaling techniques from the textile designer Dionne Swift. In the back of my mind I am working on some little journals/ books that I would like to make. They are still just ethereal ideas at the point, but I am excited about the concept. Story boxes are brewing in the side lines too, so the creative mix here is quite active and diverse at the moment. I am always charged up at the beginning of a new year. What are you charged up about?


3 thoughts on “Small Paintings in progress…

  1. Dearest Lynda,
    I just want you to know that you inspirer me so much! I try to do a little bit of creations (journaling ) every day! Not as a resolution but as an experiment.
    I think of you and how, every thing you do is so beautiful! I wish my work was like that. But, I keep on doing and trying and reading. I just bought a new series of books that I find very interesting from Jim Krause. I just finissed “Big Magic”. Very good.
    Many Blessing and creations to you for this new year! I am intreged by you Books project.


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