Art Festivals & more…


Well… where have I been? The answer is FLOURISHING! My word for 2016 that is my mantra, my wish… is flourish and so far it seems to be happening. I sold the 12″x12″ painting Coming Home (Scroll below) that I entered in the Bradenton Art Center Manatee group show this past month. PLUS, I was in TWO two-day back-to-back weekend Art Festivals where I sold work. Above is a photo of what my tent looked like… my little traveling gallery of work. I could not have done all of this without the help of my amazing husband Fish. He adjusted the tent many times, made 8 cement tube weights that are required in case there are high winds, he got the pegboard walls and figured out how to hang them, and hang the work. I spent weeks touching things up, framing, wiring, working and preparing for this. We got the magical SQUARE so we could accept charge cards for payment on the iPhone. It was ALOT of work, but worth it in the end. I received 2 Patron Ribbons in The Manatee Arts Festival in Apollo Beach and a Third Place ribbon in the Winthrop Arts Festival in Riverview. Some of my special friends came by. I met so many wonderful people who appreciated art and also many helpful fellow artists who were also participating. We survived a day of rain and some wind! The result… We hope to participate in more art festivals in the upcoming fall and winter… and maybe find a co-op gallery or two to show the work. I am inspired and uplifted and looking forward to getting back into my studio to paint again…. to FLOURISH!


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