Art for appetizers – And letting go

Although I love painting, making collages can be very relaxing and revealing if you just go with the flow. I’ve been wanting to work with fabric and stitch too. So I finally, thanks to a dear friend’s support, was able to let go of a beautiful patchwork jacket from the old days when I worked. It was very stylish back when, but not so anymore. It needed a new life. However I couldn’t just give it away. It was made of old Japanese kimono fabrics. I cut it up! YES, I cut it up! Into all the beautiful little pieces it was made of… and have started a new series of small collages using the fabric from the jacket. Now I have a small box of beautiful little jewell-like pieces that will find there way into small collages…  It feels so freeing of my past life as a workaholic… and so far, I am loving this “jacket” even more. Letting go is hard to do, but so renewing, releasing and wonderful.