From the studio – Life goes on


A new painting that came out of nowhere after many layers and many transitions. I was all over the place on this one, stalled for days, weeks at a time. But now I have come out at the other end of the dark tunnel. Some things are definitely looking better. I made a Manifest Abundance Mandala, a high-five hamsa hand of sorts that visualizes/crystalizes my artsy thoughts and so now I have a plan for the rest of 2016 in terms of what I want to accomplish, and I am painting again without too much struggle.

Not all is perfect in paradise though. I didn’t get accepted to a new Art Festival I wanted to be in AND I didn’t sell any of my door paintings at the Creative Artist’s Gallery Show that I was in. I am not going to let it get me down. It’s FALL and a brand new season, although you wouldn’t know it here in Florida! I always feel energized in fall! How is your year going?


From my journal – Firing up the creative + practice

T hese are a couple of spreads from my Creative+Practice studio sketchbook where I am working with the prompts from Lisa Sonora’s FIRE, 30 days of journal prompt. The Dive In one really got me going on some bigger paintings and I feel less stuck! What are you diving into these days?



Catching up to the Smiling Blue Fish!

Whew! I’ve been lost in life… a good life! I have been journaling with Lisa Sonora’s 30 Day FIRE prompts and reading Nicolas Wilton’s blog, trying to get unstuck from my floundering creative practice. Maybe I just needed a dry spell to rest because things have suddenly started to move forward again. Maybe it’s because it’s FALL (which we don’t really have here in Florida) but I like to think a change in seasons anyway… Things have certainly gotten brighter on the Mandala Series. I’ve been trying to keep this series going as Art Festival season will be here before I know it…. I enjoy painting these and thinking about my next WORD for the year 2017!

mandalaabundance mandalapassion