February Fun!

So, I’ve decided to get back to this blog as I have decided to let my art website go dark next month. It’s all older work any way and my web guy is not really available to help me with it any more.

I am still following Robyn McClendon’s ArtMythos yearlong workshop. I love playing with gelli printing as she does…. getting layers and layers going that look like old walls, that wabi sabi feeling that I like.

I’ve posted some of my journal pages over on my Instagram site and will continue to do that.  https://www.instagram.com/ladyfishpirate/

This February I have challenged myself with a 4″ x 6″ collage-a-day using all the many techniques I’ve learned with Robyn in ArtMythos… collage, gelli prints, photo copies, ephemera, acrylic inks, personal marks and asemic writing, sumi ink etc. I’ve also been make some little zines and hope to do some new painted letters along with those zines.

More postings and images to follow!

IMG_0829 (1)


Found in 2019!

I’ve been lost!…
over in Instagram and in LIFE which has had many care-giving challenges for me. I just read Danny Gregory’s latest post:
How to get rid of rust.

This blog feels rusty and I’m wondering if I should continue. I love the name but…Does any body out there read this? do I need to continue or should we all just focus on Instagram?

Happy New Year to you!
do you have your one word intention for 2019?
Mine is balance
I think.

Cheers from me to you



Lost in another world

I can’t believe I haven’t been here since J U N E! Yikes. Time flies by when we are distracted by life emergencies, learning to do new things and being a full time caregiver with a capital “C.” My creative side has taken a back seat in my life, but I am hoping to find it again. My sister started it with a little gift, actually a whole box of gifts, just wonderful little things that I love. Included was a small watercolor sketchbook. One day I just decided to do some opening pages. It’s only 4″x4″ so I knew it wouldn’t take long and it would feel so good to feel paint and glue on my fingers again! And it did! So… a connection was made, wires were reconnected and my heart started to open up a bit.

thank-you little sister


Postcards to myself

I’ve been in need of some personal pep talks as I have become a caregiver over the last six weeks. It’s a good thing that I am healthy and strong, but it can be tiring, exhausting even, at times. I haven’t touched any art supplies in weeks and weeks, so I finally found some old pieces of paintings, cut them up and reworked them into postcard pep talks to myself. Maybe you’re in need of a pep talk to? Read on!

(Note that they will also be posted in PostcardsfromTampalanta.com)

Hello April!

March blew out with some rain and wind. I left for Atlanta and Asheville on April 1 for one giant art date with my friend Patti, the SnowQueen. We had been planning this “Birthdaycation” for a year!

It took me ten hours of driving to get to Patti’s. The next day we drove 3 hours to Asheville and checked into our home away from home, Watauga Woods, a cozy, comfortable airbnb.

Patti had a beautiful bedroom with walls painted by our hostess, Brenda and I had a hideaway on the sunporch… my treehouse room with three walls of windows and plants all around.

There were restaurants nearby, big beautiful homes with flowering front yards and towering trees and a little lending library!

When were weren’t roaming around Asheville galleries, art studios, bookstores and restaurants, we were on the porch with our own little art fest going on…

Immense fun!

Diving deep into a windy March

It’s been busy here with getting ready for Art Festivals and then being in Art Festivals Friday-Sunday. I love meeting other artists and talking with people about art. It’s beautiful in Florida right now, so it’s great weather for being outside. I have one more Art Festival this weekend at Winthrop Art Festival in Brandon.

Sometimes it’s actually hard to let go of a painting… at least for me. One of my favorites “Diving Deep” sold at the last Festival. She was inspired by my love of water and swimming below the surface where all is quiet and serene. I miss her but hope her new owner is enjoying it.