Lost in another world

I can’t believe I haven’t been here since J U N E! Yikes. Time flies by when we are distracted by life emergencies, learning to do new things and being a full time caregiver with a capital “C.” My creative side has taken a back seat in my life, but I am hoping to find it again. My sister started it with a little gift, actually a whole box of gifts, just wonderful little things that I love. Included was a small watercolor sketchbook. One day I just decided to do some opening pages. It’s only 4″x4″ so I knew it wouldn’t take long and it would feel so good to feel paint and glue on my fingers again! And it did! So… a connection was made, wires were reconnected and my heart started to open up a bit.

thank-you little sister



Art for appetizers – And letting go

Although I love painting, making collages can be very relaxing and revealing if you just go with the flow. I’ve been wanting to work with fabric and stitch too. So I finally, thanks to a dear friend’s support, was able to let go of a beautiful patchwork jacket from the old days when I worked. It was very stylish back when, but not so anymore. It needed a new life. However I couldn’t just give it away. It was made of old Japanese kimono fabrics. I cut it up! YES, I cut it up! Into all the beautiful little pieces it was made of… and have started a new series of small collages using the fabric from the jacket. Now I have a small box of beautiful little jewell-like pieces that will find there way into small collages…  It feels so freeing of my past life as a workaholic… and so far, I am loving this “jacket” even more. Letting go is hard to do, but so renewing, releasing and wonderful.


Art for appetizers – At the beach!

One of my favorite places in the world is the beach… the soft sand, the flotsam and jetsam left ashore by rough waves from yesterday’s storm, the endless horizon of water reaching for sky and sometimes disappearing into it… the flying, swooping birds, the pelicans that skim low across the water, the dolphins’ fins arching gracefully up and back into the sea… the ever-changing sky above! The QUIET. It’s a place to sit and stare, breathe, read, write letters and maybe do some watercolor sketching!

Restful, relaxing, rejuvenating…

Beach0126aBeach0126b Beach0126c Beach0126d

Art for Appetizers – In the studio

Ahh… took time to clean the studio table and get a little more organized. It feels good, as if I swept the cobwebs from my brain! I am sticking to my sketch/watercolor-a-day and started some new 8″x10″ paintings. The “Remembering” collages linger along with me as I go. I feel somewhat more motivated since I am contemplating selling at some Art Festivals next year. I haven’t done that in years and years. It can be a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding on many levels.


Art for Appetizers – And more…

Happy November! I’ve been working on some small collages, some journal pages and playing round with watercolors… my goal for November is to really kick my “Creative Practice” into gear with regular daily attention. Reading BIG MAGIC by Elizabeth Gilbert is a great motivator to pay attention. I am off to yoga at Raven’s Nest. What are you starting you week with?