Getting ready to show (&sell!)

I’ve been busy framing and labeling and shooting photos of the work I’ve done this past year.

I’ll be teaching Mandala Drawing and selling my paintings at the Heartwood Yoga Festival in Bradenton, FL on September 26. Come on by!



Painting Mandalas on the Wild Side


I am trying some new things, trying to break out of the mold a little…. larger at 24″x24″ It looks like I am getting cosmic though, doesn’t it? This is a before (days and days ago) and the bottom one is where I am at. I don’t know where this is coming from, but here it is. I just can’t decide if it’s finished. What do you think?

hOMe to earth and sky – Nature’s Mandala

I’ve been working away on my 8″ x 10″ series of mandala paintings with a big canvas (36″ x 48″) resting on my easel. This week it finally found its voice. I am not totally sure it is finished, but it hangs on the wall now. I will stare at it and the answer will come. It’s going to get busy around here for a couple of weeks with visitors escaping the snowy north lands… my journal pages continue and now I am doing a “Sketchbook Diet” inspired by Liz Steele and drawing every meal before I enjoy it. It’s quite fun and really makes me aware of what’s really going into my body. I will share some of those pages soon. The weekend is coming! Enjoy it. I see Art Festivals and Museum visits in my near future… and of course more mandalas.


On Painting – The Writer’s Door is finally finished!

This painting turned out to be quite a journey for me. I had so many thoughts swirling about while I was doing it. The layers happened sporadically and uneasily. A tree appeared and then disappeared. A round window turned into a sphere or bubble of thoughts that lead to more spheres of thought. Then it rested while I stared at it somewhat perplexed until some miniature book pages appeared off to the sides as if the writer knew the beginning and maybe even the end of the story, but had to bring it together by writing, writing, writing. Like I was painting, painting, painting! Now I can rest and think about the next doorway I will enter…

WritersDoorBigThe Writer’s Door, 20″ x 20″ Acrylic/Collage


The Map Maker’s Door – 20″ x 20″ Mixed Media Painting

Ahhh, the intrigue and mystery of maps, old maps, new maps, colorful maps, land, sea and sky!

They pull you in and you start to imagine going to new (and old) foreign places!

Maps are fun to make. Why not draw/paint/collage your own map today?

It could be of a place you know (home, city, garden) or a place you  dream about…


2014 begins with Intention

One word – Harmony

I attended a women’s wellness retreat “Intention: From the Inside Out”

on Saturday that was very nurturing and heartfelt.

Our intention was to say goodbye to 2013 by literally burning what we wanted to let go of and

to embrace the new year with joy and to find our one word mantra for the new year.

I started with 4 words…     Create  Calm   Happy   Abundance

but not one was stronger than the other until I realized

that I needed to bring them all together and

HARMONY would do that for me.