Pillows & Pouches – Come out and play!

Some days I just never know what I’ll do next. I’ve been frozen in time with my latest door painting, but it got a little attention yesterday and seems to be going in a better direction. Reading Can we see you? on Nicolas Wilton’s blog really helped. And then two paintings on canvas, that I thought were headed towards being a tote, magically became a pillow. For the moment, it sits on my sofa and makes me smile from across the room…

There is always the behind-the-scenes doodling, sketching, journaling, and making watercolors on the fly with the help of my pochade box. Plus, I’ve been quietly berating myself (not a good thing) for being online too much… looking at Tumblrs and Pinterest sites of beautiful artwork and places to travel. But then and there, I bump into Nicolas Wilton again and read the perfect words for me in that moment… serendipity after struggle! I think I’ll go curl up with some pillows and my latest book – Flight Behavior.



Here’s the front and back of my Painted Pillow – Come out and play!


And a pouch – I need to make more of these and reopen my Etsy Shop!!