Wonder, Words & Watercolors…


Since I’ve gotten into my Save the Bees project, I have become very interested in flowers as I learn which are favored by our endangered bee friends. I planted a bee-friendly garden and my neighbor has a walkway through a Secret Garden, so there’s lots of inspiration nearby. I have started a new series of watercolors like those above. They should make colorful notecards and a 2017 calendar! I’ve always wanted to make a calendar with my art. Now I am researching how to reproduce them… I may just do it myself and post to my Easy shop which has been dormant for far too long.

I am feeling a new series of acrylic paintings coming on. It’s time to break out, let loose, fly like the Fall leaves and have some fun. I feel like I’ve been too serious. The slightly cooler weather here in Florida is giving me extra energy and inspiring me> How is your Fall going?


Catching up to the Smiling Blue Fish!

Whew! I’ve been lost in life… a good life! I have been journaling with Lisa Sonora’s 30 Day FIRE prompts and reading Nicolas Wilton’s blog, trying to get unstuck from my floundering creative practice. Maybe I just needed a dry spell to rest because things have suddenly started to move forward again. Maybe it’s because it’s FALL (which we don’t really have here in Florida) but I like to think a change in seasons anyway… Things have certainly gotten brighter on the Mandala Series. I’ve been trying to keep this series going as Art Festival season will be here before I know it…. I enjoy painting these and thinking about my next WORD for the year 2017!

mandalaabundance mandalapassion


Bees and things…

Life has sped ahead of me. I feel like I am still in the beginning of June, but the calendar says it’s the middle of July! How does this happen to me? Does it happen to you?

I do take time to stop. I just stop and notice the blooming plumeria or the new orchid…and the big skies at dusk stop me in my tracks…


…and these skies are inspiration to paint or journal or collage…


I’ve been working in my Creative+Practice sketchbook, experimenting with gouache paints, I’ve been making some zippered canvas pouches (that aren’t done yet) and I’ve been working on my SAVE THE BEES project:


… and that has involved painting flowers, sewing, writing and making little books!

SO… I guess that’s where June into July went. Now to get back on track! It shouldn’t be too hard. The days are so hot (94F) that I really just want to stay inside in the cool AC and hang out in the studio making things, reading and writing. What are you doing this summer?

Life is large. Life is good…


May was B U S Y!!! It wasn’t originally planned that way, but life happens… throw in a 10 day vacation to New Mexico with Mr. French to celebrate a special anniversary and POOF! it’s June!!! But traveling is always inspiring and uplifting… and going to New Mexico just grounds my soul and makes my creativity sing. We explored the many, many art galleries along Canyon Road in Sante Fe, we ate sumptuous tapas at El Farol. We climbed up into the rock caves in Bandelier, we explored Plaza Blanca, the White Place, that Georgia O’Keeffe made famous in in her paintings. We visited Sam Brown of Abiquiu, an artist that does amazing spiral paintings and makes spirals with rocks in his gardens. And we experienced a very special workshop at Ghost Ranch with Catherine Anderson… Photographing the Space between Heaven and Earth. I took enough photos for a years worth of inspired paintings. I learned how to take macro photos with my iPhone and a small Lens embedded in a rubber band! We met wonderful, heart-full souls in the workshop who shared our love of nature and photography.

We hiked and we hiked…We hiked a rocky switchback trail high up (7100′) to Chimney Rock… we were on top of the world and we had it all to ourselves. We hiked into Box Canyon. We hiked a cliff trail that overlooked turquoise Abiquiu Lake and had a close view of the dark and brooding Pedernal (above) in the distance. We hiked up to our Tumbleweed Casita at the ranch. I walked a Ghost Ranch Labyrinth. We documented our time with photos and art and journaling…


And I made a book (thanks to Catherine Anderson) with some of our photos when we returned home…








Remembering my young artist self…

At one of the Art Festivals I was in last month, two little girls Gigi (8years) and Celia (6years) had their own booth under the name G & C Designs. They each had paintings and shell necklaces they made for sale, and good sales women they were! I bought two necklaces and this painting. I wish I knew how to paint so colorfully and abstractly when I was their age! I was busy back then drawing with pencil and trying to do portraits of my grandfather and Walt Disney with Mickey… Anyway, this beautiful painting by Gigi went straight to my heart and now hangs in my home.


Back in the art studio…


Ahhhh… got back to work this weekend! It felt so good to have my fingers in the paint again. I worked on a storybook commission. You can see it on the table in the center. I’ll post a better photo later. I so enjoy making things! This storybox is called “William’s World” and has a map inside the top, earth painted on the outside, postage stamps, stars and more.