Art Festivals & more…


Well… where have I been? The answer is FLOURISHING! My word for 2016 that is my mantra, my wish… is flourish and so far it seems to be happening. I sold the 12″x12″ painting Coming Home (Scroll below) that I entered in the Bradenton Art Center Manatee group show this past month. PLUS, I was in TWO two-day back-to-back weekend Art Festivals where I sold work. Above is a photo of what my tent looked like… my little traveling gallery of work. I could not have done all of this without the help of my amazing husband Fish. He adjusted the tent many times, made 8 cement tube weights that are required in case there are high winds, he got the pegboard walls and figured out how to hang them, and hang the work. I spent weeks touching things up, framing, wiring, working and preparing for this. We got the magical SQUARE so we could accept charge cards for payment on the iPhone. It was ALOT of work, but worth it in the end. I received 2 Patron Ribbons in The Manatee Arts Festival in Apollo Beach and a Third Place ribbon in the Winthrop Arts Festival in Riverview. Some of my special friends came by. I met so many wonderful people who appreciated art and also many helpful fellow artists who were also participating. We survived a day of rain and some wind! The result… We hope to participate in more art festivals in the upcoming fall and winter… and maybe find a co-op gallery or two to show the work. I am inspired and uplifted and looking forward to getting back into my studio to paint again…. to FLOURISH!



I love the small watercolor box of full pans I got for when traveling and decided to make a bigger box of full pans for my studio. I can use bigger brushes and make bolder strokes. Just look at all these juicy colors. I can’t wait to get started. (In some cases, bigger really is better! See the 4 little white empty half pans in the box on the left… they look so tiny now!)


Small Paintings in progress…


I am still working on these. It takes what seems like forever sometimes, but I am trying to take more risks, stepping out from my previous approach to this series of 8″x10″ paintings. I am also doing journaling around my Creative+Practice and learning even more journaling techniques from the textile designer Dionne Swift. In the back of my mind I am working on some little journals/ books that I would like to make. They are still just ethereal ideas at the point, but I am excited about the concept. Story boxes are brewing in the side lines too, so the creative mix here is quite active and diverse at the moment. I am always charged up at the beginning of a new year. What are you charged up about?

Painting through distractions…

Wow, the time is flying faster than ever. We’re in the middle of the holidays with lots to do on top of L I F E as it usually is. My Creative+Practice Workshop with Lisa Sonora is keeping my artistic mind on track, but I am finding it challenging to get some actual painting done. My idea list continues to grow, but my studio time is nil. I have done a few more small Mandala paintings… and I am working in a very tiny little book with a very quick watercolor-a-day. I am also thinking about my O N E   W O R D for 2016. Last year it was NURTURE. I did one of these small Mandala paintings that I see every day and it reminded me to NURTURE myself, my friendships, my love, my art and much more. Now I just need to incorporate Paint-Every-Day into the mix! Argh! Hope everyone is relaxing when they can and enjoying the holiday season while it’s still here!

Maybe one of these words will work for next year…




Life is a dream lately… so much abundance! My cup runs over with good things these last two weeks. I am so grateful… that I have started 29 Gifts in 29 Days as a way to give back. Today I am going to Drum, Dance, Yoga & Chill, a workshop to benefit Kelly Andrew’s African /Relief Trip and Climb for the Cause… and my gift today is a painting for the raffle. Come on out to Lakeland if you can! It’s sure be be a blast…


Things I love – A letter in the mail with colorful stamps!

There’s nothing like getting a surprise handwritten letter in the mail from far away. It’s a special moment in time when someone you know (and love) has shared their thoughts, a part of their life and their ideas with you. Email works, but it’s not handwritten… pen to paper… tactile and interactive as you pull your little present of precious words and pictures from its traveling envelope. I just finished this 16″ x 16″ painting that has collaged bits of letters I have received and some postage stamps that I cancelled myself… with my own handwriting included in the background. I am thinking of writing a letter and putting it in an envelope attached to the back of the painting.  There’s a group art show coming up at the Hall Gallery in Sarasota, “Things you love” and I may enter this painting. Next, I am off to paint another Magical Mandala and write some letters. My wish for you is some unexpected love in your mailbox today!