Postcards to myself

I’ve been in need of some personal pep talks as I have become a caregiver over the last six weeks. It’s a good thing that I am healthy and strong, but it can be tiring, exhausting even, at times. I haven’t touched any art supplies in weeks and weeks, so I finally found some old pieces of paintings, cut them up and reworked them into postcard pep talks to myself. Maybe you’re in need of a pep talk to? Read on!

(Note that they will also be posted in


From my journal – Firing up the creative + practice

T hese are a couple of spreads from my Creative+Practice studio sketchbook where I am working with the prompts from Lisa Sonora’s FIRE, 30 days of journal prompt. The Dive In one really got me going on some bigger paintings and I feel less stuck! What are you diving into these days?



Life and taking some online workshops…

Whew! Hard to believe Thanksgiving weekend is really winding down. It’s been special. I’ve also been working on two workshops: Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons and Creative+Practice with Lisa Sonora.

Here’s one of the watercolor mandalas I did:MandalaMagicCourse

AND here’s the cover and 2 inside pages of my new “Map Book” sketchbook for Creative+Practice. It used to be plain black!


Make work you love…

This is something I am trying to keep close to my heART! I follow Nicolas Wilton’s blog and he was working over an old painting that he liked, but didn’t LOVE…. and that reminded me to connect to this again and again. I’ve had two small paintings in the studio that surface from time to time. I liked them… but I didn’t really LOVE them, so I reworked them, adding contrast and stardust and some real butterflies. Framing them just made it even better. Now I LOVE them and feel much better about having them around. Do you LOVE the things you make, the things you do, the things you have around you?