Make work you love…

This is something I am trying to keep close to my heART! I follow Nicolas Wilton’s blog and he was working over an old painting that he liked, but didn’t LOVE…. and that reminded me to connect to this again and again. I’ve had two small paintings in the studio that surface from time to time. I liked them… but I didn’t really LOVE them, so I reworked them, adding contrast and stardust and some real butterflies. Framing them just made it even better. Now I LOVE them and feel much better about having them around. Do you LOVE the things you make, the things you do, the things you have around you?



Art for Appetizers – Remembering

I took a break from the larger paintings. I get stuck there sometimes.

So I’ve begun a new series of small 5″ x 7″ collages called Remembering…

It’s fun to experiment with thread and stitching and lace. More experiments to come!


From my journal – On writing

My Spectrum 2015 online holistic, creative workshop has really been keeping me busy along with a watercolor a day in July. I’ve been collecting words instead of shells and feathers and writing some poetry. Plus, I taught a Mandala Drawing Workshop! I guess this blog has been paying the price in lack of attention. What keeps you busy these days?


From my journal – New little books

I’ve been having fun making little journal books from brown paper. One of these is my “Creative Practice” log book, made so I can keep track of how much time I really spend in the art studio and what I am working on. I put a small entry for every day. The other little book is for small gratitudes.


From my journal – Painting at the beach

I love watercolors. They are like cats and have a mind of their own. Sometimes they do exactly what you expect and other times, oh well. I got a new journal just for abstract watercolors, for play and unpredictibility. Sorry for the lack of posts! I was out of town in beautiful St. Augustine, FL for a week and then came home to design work that’s kept me at my computer for too many hours. When at the computer for work, that last thing I want to do is more computer work, even if it is my beloved online art journal. I have been getting some work done on my Mandala series and I did some journal entries I will post when I have recuperated from computer overload. I hope you have a beautiful, bright, soulful, sunshiny weekend. Get outside and breathe in earth’s elixir!


Time is flying! Spring has sprung…



March has been a month of FUN & FRIENDS with lots of visitors from the snowy North and closer to home. We have been to museums, botanical gardens, had amazing dinners by, parties and art play with gelli plates and so much more. I have been doing some art of my own, but not enough. I am giving 29 gifts in 29 days which is a joyful experience. In april, Letter-Writing Month, I will be penning hand written letters everyday to celebrate and keep snail mail and handwriting alive and well! PLUS, I have acquired a small pile of books to inspire and keep me on track. Soooo, I am going to take a week or more off from my blog and surfing the internet to read, get back on track and do something creative and fun. Happy Spring to everyone… go outside and take a walk. 🙂