Fun things to do online…

To keep myself challenged and inspired, I often join an online group. There are so many! But Susannah Conway always does some heartfelt, soulful workshops that speak to me. Right now I am following along with her April Love challenge to write a love letter every day. She gives a daily subject and a sample. Of course, I couldn’t just do a written letter.. I had to include art, postage stamps and start a new journal! Here’s the cover and some of the spreads… What do you do to keep yourself challenged and inspired? I’d LOVE to know.




Art for Appetizers – Watercolor a day…


My watercolor-a-day project has been a lot like visual journaling. I have just gone with whatever drew my attention in that moment. I am thinking of doing another project-a-day challenge for myself in September. August was just too busy and being away on a road trip with lists of visual stimulation didn’t leave me with much quiet time for creative endeavors. It was inspiring… Asheville, NC is a place I’ve always wanted to go. It didn’t disappoint. We spent a whole day wandering around artists studios in the River Arts District. Many artists were working in there studios and were happy to stop and talk about their process. Many used cold wax with oils and I might just try this out. I love my hot wax encaustic paints, but the hot weather here in the summer just isn’t the time for it. What creative fun are you up to?

Art for Appetizers – Watercolor-a-Day!

Actually, I am showing you 2 watercolors! I have been really enjoying this challenge I set myself to… as long as I remember not to judge the outcome! It is a creative “practice” after all. It has successfully gotten me into my studio every day this month. Only a week and a half to go. What challenges do you create for yourself?