Bees and things…

Life has sped ahead of me. I feel like I am still in the beginning of June, but the calendar says it’s the middle of July! How does this happen to me? Does it happen to you?

I do take time to stop. I just stop and notice the blooming plumeria or the new orchid…and the big skies at dusk stop me in my tracks…


…and these skies are inspiration to paint or journal or collage…


I’ve been working in my Creative+Practice sketchbook, experimenting with gouache paints, I’ve been making some zippered canvas pouches (that aren’t done yet) and I’ve been working on my SAVE THE BEES project:


… and that has involved painting flowers, sewing, writing and making little books!

SO… I guess that’s where June into July went. Now to get back on track! It shouldn’t be too hard. The days are so hot (94F) that I really just want to stay inside in the cool AC and hang out in the studio making things, reading and writing. What are you doing this summer?


Art for appetizers – And letting go

Although I love painting, making collages can be very relaxing and revealing if you just go with the flow. I’ve been wanting to work with fabric and stitch too. So I finally, thanks to a dear friend’s support, was able to let go of a beautiful patchwork jacket from the old days when I worked. It was very stylish back when, but not so anymore. It needed a new life. However I couldn’t just give it away. It was made of old Japanese kimono fabrics. I cut it up! YES, I cut it up! Into all the beautiful little pieces it was made of… and have started a new series of small collages using the fabric from the jacket. Now I have a small box of beautiful little jewell-like pieces that will find there way into small collages…  It feels so freeing of my past life as a workaholic… and so far, I am loving this “jacket” even more. Letting go is hard to do, but so renewing, releasing and wonderful.


Art for Appetizers – In the studio

Ahh… took time to clean the studio table and get a little more organized. It feels good, as if I swept the cobwebs from my brain! I am sticking to my sketch/watercolor-a-day and started some new 8″x10″ paintings. The “Remembering” collages linger along with me as I go. I feel somewhat more motivated since I am contemplating selling at some Art Festivals next year. I haven’t done that in years and years. It can be a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding on many levels.


From my journal – Wild * Magical * Creative

When I am not working on my daily journal or my Mandala painting series, I am doing some fun creative projects from SPECTRUM 2015 with Hali Karla and friends. I went wild with this one… Aladdin’s Magical Journal made from a large sheet of brown wrapping paper. BUT I am trying to manifest my wilder side, so my new brown paper journal is My Wild Creative Magical Woman Book. As thoughts come to me I am writing them on the blank pages… it’s like finding my gypsy side! Nice way to spend a Memorial Day Weekend. What FUN are you up to? SPECTRUMjournalpainting1Untitled-2