Art for Christmas Trees – Me at the Morean Art Center

Ornaments and Story Boxes were submitted to their Holiday Presents Show

and some are posted to my Etsy shop now too! Great little presents 🙂




Small Paintings – The minis for ornaments…

all 30 of them are done. Little ribbons have been tied around them for hanging and the backs have been signed. I did get 16 more little mini canvas, but need to take a break from this and do something different.


Art for Appetizers – And More!

Where have I been? what have I been doing???

I have been painting and it feels good most of the time, except when I loose my way sometimes on what to do next with a painting in progress. I have been doing watercolors, sketches and mandalas in my large studio sketchbook. This is a good thing, especially when I am lost in one of my door paintings, as I am right now. AND I am also working on small paintings as ornaments for the Holiday Show at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg. Strange to be thinking about holiday items when in the middle of hot and humid August, but that’s right where I am right now! and it’s where I need to be if I am going to get things done in time. Plus, I am enjoying the blog feeds I am getting from Nicolas Wilton on process. They help me with my door obstacles and more. What have YOU been up to this summer as it speeds by?