From my journal – The Four Elements

I can’t believe it’s September 5 already, can you??? I’ve been journaling and painting and making Dream Catchers. These are journal pages from the Spectrum online workshops I’ve been doing over the course of the last few months. This was a great exercise using photography for information gathering and for inspiration.





From my journal – On writing

My Spectrum 2015 online holistic, creative workshop has really been keeping me busy along with a watercolor a day in July. I’ve been collecting words instead of shells and feathers and writing some poetry. Plus, I taught a Mandala Drawing Workshop! I guess this blog has been paying the price in lack of attention. What keeps you busy these days?


From my journal – New little books

I’ve been having fun making little journal books from brown paper. One of these is my “Creative Practice” log book, made so I can keep track of how much time I really spend in the art studio and what I am working on. I put a small entry for every day. The other little book is for small gratitudes.


From my journal – Hello July!

As you might already know, I like to do an opening spread of pages for the beginning of each month. Here I set some intentions, take a little time thinking about what I would like in the days ahead… I have been wanting to step up and commit to my creative practice, a regular daily thing. It’s been sadly sporadic. So… I have challenged myself with a watercolor a day (along with my usual journal pages). Just small – 8″ x 8″ – so I’ll be posting some of those soon. Four are done already! AND… I have just completed stretching and gessoing 14 square canvases of various sizes and those are staring me down too! Happy 4th! Happy July! Happy Summer! do something FUN!



Something new – Letter Journals!

I wrote a couple of letters in some handmade books. They were made from a mish-mash of collage, magazine pages, paper doilies, envelopes, and old paintings on paper…. I left some pages blank and wrote handwritten letters. After doing these I discovered that there’s a whole group of journalers who make these and send them round-robin for collaboration and fun… does anybody want to make one for me?


From my journal – Wild * Magical * Creative

When I am not working on my daily journal or my Mandala painting series, I am doing some fun creative projects from SPECTRUM 2015 with Hali Karla and friends. I went wild with this one… Aladdin’s Magical Journal made from a large sheet of brown wrapping paper. BUT I am trying to manifest my wilder side, so my new brown paper journal is My Wild Creative Magical Woman Book. As thoughts come to me I am writing them on the blank pages… it’s like finding my gypsy side! Nice way to spend a Memorial Day Weekend. What FUN are you up to? SPECTRUMjournalpainting1Untitled-2