Nature, art, water – A vacation to soothe the soul…

Every year we try to get away camping one last time, before it gets really hot and the every-afternoon thunderstorms start rolling in. This year we were celebrating our 44th anniversary. It sounds surreal to me to be saying this, 44 years with one person… but it’s been wonderful and it’s definitely worth celebration! It’s how we say good-bye to the month of May… We swam in warm Gulf water, went for long walks along the beach, kayaked with dolphins and enjoyed sitting outside under our own personal Owl Tree!



From my journal – Is it really May 15?

Journal05.02.2015Journal05.01.2015 Journal05.04.2015

Above are some of my journal entries from earlier in the month. It has been a magical month of new connections and heartfelt wonder for me. I am part of an online Holistic Creative Group (SPECTRUM 2015 with Hali Karla and friends) that is keeping me and my art grounded. I have a new larger journal going just for this workshop! I have connected to sacred labyrinths and made creative covenants tags with lots more in store there.  I’ve discovered a new yoga studio that’s outside on a beautiful platform in lush greenery (Raven’s Nest in Palmetto)… I feel like I am at one of those amazing yoga spas in Costa Rica! But I still do yoga with friends overlooking Tampa Bay with the big sky, big water and the frolicking dolphins. Plus, I have connected with some new letter-writing friends across the country thanks to April and my letter-a-day efforts. Although I attribute yoga to keeping me young, I have been trying to indulge in a wilder, younger side of myself just for the fun of it… I got a new seagull kite and a small, fun sit-on-top kayak is on the way. Gulf of Mexico, here I come!

Have you thought about your wild side? Your child of wonder side? Are you doing something to keep them alive? I hope May is Magical and fun, fun, fun for you, too!