Art for Appetizers – Remembering

I took a break from the larger paintings. I get stuck there sometimes.

So I’ve begun a new series of small 5″ x 7″ collages called Remembering…

It’s fun to experiment with thread and stitching and lace. More experiments to come!


From my journal – I see a painting in my future!


I finally mailed my Sketchbook Project, a Pen Pal painting off to Brooklyn where it will go on to find a painting pen pal for me. The 4″ x 4″ canvas arrived in the small bag above with two notes, one to send along with my painting to my future pen pal and one with instructions. It was quite simple to do and fun, fun, fun! I made it like a postcard with a cancelled postage stamp and one word message. that’s a copy of the painting on the right journal page… I’ll let you know what comes back to me in the mail. If anyone out there wants to do something like this with me, a painting/art exchange, let me know! I LOVE to get letters and little surprise packages in the mail.

From my mailbox – All is not lost!


Most days there is just junk mail or bills in the mailbox. I still write letters to family and friends… and receive wonderful letters and cards back. However I have been discouraged because lately some of my letters have not been arriving at their destination. They are MIA in the system somewhere and no one can explain where or how this happens! Yet, a square postcard arrived today from Indonesia and yesterday my latest issue of Uppercase magazine arrived. It is a designer’s dream. This issue has a piece of fabric (small pink&blue square) glued to the cover and the inside is chock full of inspiration with beautiful photos and articles on all types of creative people. Last month’s issue was all about typography and calligraphy with a silver, black and white cover… I am so glad I treated myself to a year of this beauty after letting some regular, not-so-beautiful magazine subscriptions expire so I could invest in Uppercase. One of the best presents to myself ever! Give yourself an inspiring present today!


Things I love – A letter in the mail with colorful stamps!

There’s nothing like getting a surprise handwritten letter in the mail from far away. It’s a special moment in time when someone you know (and love) has shared their thoughts, a part of their life and their ideas with you. Email works, but it’s not handwritten… pen to paper… tactile and interactive as you pull your little present of precious words and pictures from its traveling envelope. I just finished this 16″ x 16″ painting that has collaged bits of letters I have received and some postage stamps that I cancelled myself… with my own handwriting included in the background. I am thinking of writing a letter and putting it in an envelope attached to the back of the painting.  There’s a group art show coming up at the Hall Gallery in Sarasota, “Things you love” and I may enter this painting. Next, I am off to paint another Magical Mandala and write some letters. My wish for you is some unexpected love in your mailbox today!