Wow! I’ve entered a time warp…


I can’t believe it’s been soooooo long since I wrote here. All I can say is “the holidays!” So far it’s been wonderful and there’s more fun to have, but some things like blogging and painting and creating have fallen by the wayside for visiting, cooking, decorating, celebrating and so much more. We did take a little time out and went for a walk around the neighborhood Christmas morning. It was quiet and I found these little treasures. We heard a Barned Owl and I found the little owl feather too. I’ve been taking small vignette photos around the house and you can see them on my Instagram. Just search for ladyfishpirate. Have a wonderful New Year everyone. Cheers!


From my Journal – The last week

I am back to using a square journal for the new year and I am loving it! For some reason the actual book itself can’t be too precious or the paper too good… and there has to be a lot of pages so I feel free to paint and write and collage to my heart’s content. It is my sanctuary, and the entrance door is inside me. Where do you find your sanctuary?


Journal 12.25.2014