Wonder, Words & Watercolors…


Since I’ve gotten into my Save the Bees project, I have become very interested in flowers as I learn which are favored by our endangered bee friends. I planted a bee-friendly garden and my neighbor has a walkway through a Secret Garden, so there’s lots of inspiration nearby. I have started a new series of watercolors like those above. They should make colorful notecards and a 2017 calendar! I’ve always wanted to make a calendar with my art. Now I am researching how to reproduce them… I may just do it myself and post to my Easy shop which has been dormant for far too long.

I am feeling a new series of acrylic paintings coming on. It’s time to break out, let loose, fly like the Fall leaves and have some fun. I feel like I’ve been too serious. The slightly cooler weather here in Florida is giving me extra energy and inspiring me> How is your Fall going?


I’ve got mail!

I’ve been writing and painting letters. I just entered two of the smaller ones in the 12×12 Show at the Art Center Manatee. All of these paintings come with a hand written and painted letter tucked into the back – to be opened by the new owner of the painting only!




Life and taking some online workshops…

Whew! Hard to believe Thanksgiving weekend is really winding down. It’s been special. I’ve also been working on two workshops: Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons and Creative+Practice with Lisa Sonora.

Here’s one of the watercolor mandalas I did:MandalaMagicCourse

AND here’s the cover and 2 inside pages of my new “Map Book” sketchbook for Creative+Practice. It used to be plain black!



Things I love – A letter in the mail with colorful stamps!

There’s nothing like getting a surprise handwritten letter in the mail from far away. It’s a special moment in time when someone you know (and love) has shared their thoughts, a part of their life and their ideas with you. Email works, but it’s not handwritten… pen to paper… tactile and interactive as you pull your little present of precious words and pictures from its traveling envelope. I just finished this 16″ x 16″ painting that has collaged bits of letters I have received and some postage stamps that I cancelled myself… with my own handwriting included in the background. I am thinking of writing a letter and putting it in an envelope attached to the back of the painting.  There’s a group art show coming up at the Hall Gallery in Sarasota, “Things you love” and I may enter this painting. Next, I am off to paint another Magical Mandala and write some letters. My wish for you is some unexpected love in your mailbox today!


Collage Cards… These are some 5″X7″ collages I’ve worked on over the last few weeks. I like collage because it’s so playful. Just gather some images and paper, glue and paint, add fabric and stamps, maybe some writing. I feel like I am doing something creative. But I am really looking forward to getting back to some BIG canvases soon! Hopefully I can continue with these. I wish I could commit to a collage a day, but that scares me a little as I take my commitments seriously. I’ve been turning these into notecards as I am one of those few people in the world who still writes snail mail!

Have you ever committed to doing something everyday for a period of time? How did it go? I would love to hear your thoughts.