Lost in another world

I can’t believe I haven’t been here since J U N E! Yikes. Time flies by when we are distracted by life emergencies, learning to do new things and being a full time caregiver with a capital “C.” My creative side has taken a back seat in my life, but I am hoping to find it again. My sister started it with a little gift, actually a whole box of gifts, just wonderful little things that I love. Included was a small watercolor sketchbook. One day I just decided to do some opening pages. It’s only 4″x4″ so I knew it wouldn’t take long and it would feel so good to feel paint and glue on my fingers again! And it did! So… a connection was made, wires were reconnected and my heart started to open up a bit.

thank-you little sister



Tending my creative fire

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.  – Rumi

I have been tending my own creative fire with the help of Lisa Sonora’s eWorkshop Creative+Practice. The workshop has ended, but I continue on. After my daily meditation, I write in my “Map Book” (sketchbook) every day while in my art studio, and then I get to work… or play as I really think of it! Painting is joyful… challenging and hard sometimes, but mostly joyful, playful, especially when it is going well. It is so rewarding! I want to share that with others. Inspire others. So I have been preparing for a teaching session – This weekend I will be giving a Creative Drawing Workshop at The Babe Cave on Hamsa Hands – symbols for prosperity and protection in the New Year. Just like Mandalas, I have been enjoying the meditative practice of drawing these symbols with pens and color pencils, experimenting on white and black paper. Together we will fan the flames of our creative passions.

I am an igniter, sparking the latent creativity in others… setting fire to their creative passions…



Life and taking some online workshops…

Whew! Hard to believe Thanksgiving weekend is really winding down. It’s been special. I’ve also been working on two workshops: Mandala Magic with Julie Gibbons and Creative+Practice with Lisa Sonora.

Here’s one of the watercolor mandalas I did:MandalaMagicCourse

AND here’s the cover and 2 inside pages of my new “Map Book” sketchbook for Creative+Practice. It used to be plain black!