Painting and Playing


I just finished this 12″x12″ and I am not sure where all those bright colors have come from, except the sun has been out the last two days and I have been outside soaking it in. Sending you sunshine, wherever you are! Hugs.


Life – Falling into it!

It’s fall! We’re into it and many are feeling the chill. Here in Florida it’s still warm. We are actually breaking records some days with our temperature. But the skies are big and sunsets beautiful. The land is lush with color. Even so, I’ve been missing the fall leaves that used to come from my northern friends and family via the snail mail. So, I went on a walk today and collected a few colorful leaves of my own. I am also painting some in watercolors… it makes me feel like Jack(ie) Frost!

From my morning walk today…


hOMe to earth and sky – Nature’s Mandala

I’ve been working away on my 8″ x 10″ series of mandala paintings with a big canvas (36″ x 48″) resting on my easel. This week it finally found its voice. I am not totally sure it is finished, but it hangs on the wall now. I will stare at it and the answer will come. It’s going to get busy around here for a couple of weeks with visitors escaping the snowy north lands… my journal pages continue and now I am doing a “Sketchbook Diet” inspired by Liz Steele and drawing every meal before I enjoy it. It’s quite fun and really makes me aware of what’s really going into my body. I will share some of those pages soon. The weekend is coming! Enjoy it. I see Art Festivals and Museum visits in my near future… and of course more mandalas.